Health and Safety at the Workplace

Yearfull is totally committed to continually improving its workplace operations and eliminating all risk that may lead to injuries, permanent disabling injuries or fatalities to its own workforce or the general public.

Each site operations will be supervised by qualified safety officers and/or safety supervisors. It is these individuals responsibility to continually assess the levels of risk of various trades of the site works and hold regular briefings and tool box sessions with the workforce to reinforce their awareness of safety.

Social Responsibility

Yearfull truly believes that society needs the support of the business community at large. We consider that every project we are engaged on is bringing greater value to the community. 

Our initiatives have included financial assistance through various key charitable organizations as well as our time to assist in meaningful projects.

The Company this year once again generaously donated to the Community Chest and helped provide time, resource and financial assistance in the development of a Drug Rehabilitation Centre.


Environment is a global concern and at Yearfull we make every effort to reduce our impact on the environment by continually reviewing our operations on how we procure products in tandem with Designers, our supplier’s using clean processes in their production and how we can reduce the amount of waste generated from the workplace.

We continue to focus on how we can contribute more to lessening the overall impact of our operations on the environment.